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Pagure as a source-git platform

It seems that the Fedora community wants to pursue as the git forge platform. Let's have a look at what it would take to use it to host Fedora source-git repos in there.


From Franta's research:

(sg == source-git, dg == dist-git)


  • New sg PR is transformed into a new dg PR
    • New PR event - fedora-messaging:
    • Create new PR - “Create pull-request” in API
  • dg PR CI results are mirrored back to sg PR
  • If the dg is updated, update the sg repository by opening a PR
    • Dg updated - fedora-messaging: git.receive
    • Open new PR - “Create pull-request” in API


  • If the sg PR is updated/closed, update/close the dg PR
    • PR updated/closed - fedora-messaging: pr.updated / pr.rebased / pr.closed
    • Update PR - git force-push to existing branch
    • Close PR - “Close a pull-request” in API


  • User is able to re-trigger the dg CI from the sg PR
    • If the user comments /citest on the sg PR, retrigger dg CI by adding a [citest] comment via API.
  • User is able to re-create the dg PR from the sg PR
    • If the user comments /update-dist-git in the sg PR, update and force-push the content of the dg PR.


There are 2 ways of getting notifications about events (PR opened/updated etc.) from pagure:

  • Webhooks - to verify messages, receiver (our service) needs to know a private webhook key, which is set in repositories and is unique for each repo
  • Fedora-messaging - no verification mechanism, but we “know” the pagure.* topic is from pagure

Pagure has CI integration but seems to support Jenkins only.

In Project Settings -> Hooks one can set Mirroring to mirror a repo hosted on pagure to another location.