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How to manage outages

Who is responsible for resolving outages and what should be done

  • rotating role - new / incorporate to an existing one (Sentry master, community master)
  • identify an outage
  • inform team
  • inform users
  • be responsible for fixing the issue = try to fix it / ask in the team
  • inform when the outage is resolved

How to identify an outage

  • Sentry
    • mostly info about new exceptions
    • currently we are informed about each new Sentry issue by mail
    • alerts
      • alert rules can be set up - threshold, notification, example
      • alerting is triggered when a threshold is breached
  • Prometheus can provide alerts as well - we would need to collect some metric about failed tasks and create alert rules for that
  • analyze DB info we use in dashboard jobs - periodically check the state of the SRPM builds/ Copr builds/ tests in DB from e.g. the last hour
    • cron job to check this can be set up

How team members are informed

  • IRC - the messages are mirrored to Telegram, this should be enough

How users are informed

  • our status page in dashboard
    • currently we have there only info about API which only checks
    • we could provide more info:
      • manually added info about current outage, have some template: what and when happened, when it will be fixed
      • history of outages
    • if Openshift is down, we cannot communicate here
  • pinned issue in Github about current outage
    • link to dashboard?
  • IRC - also provide links
  • status page hosted some other place then the actual project, so that it's possible to communicate the status even if OpenShift is down:
    • Cachet - self-hosted status page system
    • Statusfy - Static Generated or Server Rendered, variety of hosting services
    • cState - built with Hugo, statically generated, can be hosted for free on Github Pages
    • Corestatus - turns GitHub issues into a status page, hosted on GitHub
  • for certain known failures of Testing Farm or Copr "neutral" status on PRs (instead of an error)
    • the checks need to be implemented (opened issue for this)
    • could be configurable
    • better UX for users - PRs are not marked as failed

What should be included

  • scope:
    • what functionality is broken
    • what/who is affected
  • provide alternatives if there are some
  • when can users expect a fix
  • if the outage is caused by other tool/service - provide links (e.g. Copr outage, Testing farm)