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Deprecation policy

  • Deprecated PyPI package is used for deprecation
  • annotate deprecated functions with @depracted decorator, optionally with message
  • functions will be removed in the 5th release after the release in which they were deprecated
  • template for warning: since {version}, will be removed in {version}: {alternative/message}

Choice of library

Looked into the options suggested by @lachmanfrantisek which were:

  • Deprecated

    • seems as a good choice, offers decorator that has optional parameters such as version or custom message
    • live GitHub repo
    • fast release cycle
    • has only enhancements in issues
    • docs
    • @deprecated(reason='', version='', action='always', category=<class 'DeprecationWarning'>) from docs, all properties are optional, you can add reason (usually alternative) or version in which it was deprecated
  • Python-Deprecated

    • dead version of Deprecated, which is probably kept in PyPI just for backward-compatibility
  • deprecationlib

    • seems like hobby project, only one information in decorator (alternative function name)
  • Dandelyon

    • looks like nice project
    • offers multiple decorators
    • doesn't seem to be very active
  • deprecate

    • dead project
  • deprecation

    • not very active
    • multiple issues
  • libdeprecation

    • dead version of deprecation
  • warnings (built-in module)

    • seems like a lot of copy pasting of the same code, or manual implementation of @deprecated