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Git Notes

The aim of this research is to provide a feedback around git notes command.

There's a script, which adds number of notes into your git repository.

What does?

  • Add N-notes into your git repository.
    • The notes are added with git node add -f -m "Testing notes ${cnt}\npackit_test=yes" -m "json=${JSON_NOTE}" ${commit}:
  • Show all notes added by previous command
  • Show specific (2th) note from git.

Can git notes be used as a database?

git notes are basically one liners. We can use a separator and for some things it can be used as a "database". The script also stores JSON object into git. If multiple -m options are given, their values are concatenated as separate paragraphs.

Can git notes be used for storing states?

Yes, but, first of all, we have to read note from specific commit and then append the state into git note. Only one note per one commit is allowed.

For 'editing' git notes, a command git note add -f -m "some message" has to be used. -f option is used for overwriting notes.

Can we check out the commit and its git notes?

Yes, git notes were designed for it. See

How to push and pull notes to / from git?

To push the notes into git use the command

git push origin refs/notes/commits

To pull the notes from git use the command

git fetch origin refs/notes/commits:refs/notes/commits

Update .gitconfig for git notes support

[remote "origin"]
fetch = +refs/notes/*:refs/notes/*