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Fedora package candidates for source-git

This research crams through all fedora spec files to find out:

  • Packages with most downstream patches
  • If they use %autosetup, %setup, %patch, %autopatch
  • How often they were updated in F34

The research was done using a jupyter notebook.

Let's navigate to the directory with this research to visualize the data.

$ cd fedora-spec-files


A Containerfile is provided with a list of all dependencies so we can gather and visualize the data. Let's build it:

$ make build

COMMIT fedora-spec-research
--> 525fd72aeba
Successfully tagged localhost/fedora-spec-research:latest


Once built, we need to gather data about the packages:

$ make generate-data

You can rerun this step any time you want. The data is saved as data.json.

Once the file is available, we can run jupyter:

$ make run

Open the given link in your browser and navigate to notebook "fedora-spec-files.ipynb".

You should now click Kernel > "Restart & Run All" to see the current data visualized.