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Source-git in Zuul

Zuul YAML programming 101

Some docs:

Repositories to clone and grep through:

Matrix channel to reach Zuul maintainers: Mainly ask fbo (Fabian).

CentOS Stream Zuul jobs:

High level work items to define a Zuul job for source-git

This is a rough proposal after reading through the links above. More tasks might surface after things are checked in more detail.

In the context of Zuul in CentOS Stream a build is actually a mock-build job. This one starts with executing the centpkg-fetch-sources role, which executes centpkg sources in the dist-git repository.

So, in order to be able to build and test MRs from a source-git repository:

Have something like a source-git-mock-build playbook (executed as part of a source-git-build project-template), which would execute a source-git-srpm-build role (to be implemented; should set an srpm fact with the path of the SRPM) and a mock-build role.

It'll need a check to figure out how this source-git-build template needs to pass on the artifact produced to the playbook/roles executed by the test project-template.

Once the above is ready, enable zuul on redhat/centos-stream/src/<selected_repositories>.

Testing this might not be so straightforward, as most probably changes will need to be merged before giving them a try. A separate namespace should be used to test on, for example, with some source-git repositories forked into it.

Tip: In order to check what an actual Zuul pipeline is doing, check one of the [open MRs in centos-stream/rpms] and navigate to the logs of a Zuul pipeline run.