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job: pull_from_upstream

A dist-git only job that opens a new dist-git pull request in when a new upstream release happens using a notification from

This job utilizes the same logic as propose_downstream with the only exception that it is defined and executed in dist-git.

Use issue_repository option to get information about possible failures during the update process.


  • The job is defined in a Packit config in the default branch of the dist-git repository (rawhide). Packit configs on other branches are ignored.
  • Upstream release monitoring is active for the package. The monitoring status in dist-git should be set to Monitoring).
  • upstream_project_url pointing to a Git repository is defined in the configuration.

Supported triggers

  • release

Optional parameters

  • dist_git_branches - a (list of) branch(es) in dist-git where packit should work (defaults to main). You can also use the aliases provided by Packit to not need to change the config file when the new system version is released.

For more details and customization options, also check our release guide.


Packagers with write access to the dist-git repository can retrigger the job via a comment in any dist-git pull request:

/packit pull-from-upstream

This will take the Packit configuration file from the default branch of the dist-git repository (rawhide), same as if the job was triggered by a new release. To use the configuration file from the dist-git pull request you are commenting on, you can add an argument:

/packit pull-from-upstream --with-pr-config


- job: pull_from_upstream
trigger: release
- fedora-all
- epel-9

Once a new upstream release happens, Packit will open a pull request with it in all active Fedora releases and EPEL 9.

If you need to do any change in the pull request, you need to locally fetch the source branch of the Packit's pull request and push it (with a fix) to your fork (as it is not possible to push to the branch created in the Packit's fork):

git fetch$YOUR_PACKAGE.git refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/packit/*
git cherry-pick packit/$VERSION-$BRANCH-update-pull_from_upstream