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packit dist-git init

Create a Packit's dist-git configuration for release syncing to Fedora.


Usage: packit dist-git init [OPTIONS] [OTHER_ARGS]... [PATH_OR_URL]

Create the initial Packit dist-git configuration for Fedora release syncing
based on the input parameters.

This command adds `.packit.yaml` file to the dist-git repository either:

 1. specified by path (defaults to current working directory)

 2. specified by URL (`<package>`) -
clones the repository and adds the config in there. Ideally use this with
--clone-path option, otherwise the repository is cloned to a temporary
directory that is then removed.

By default, all 3 jobs (`pull_from_upstream`, `koji_build`, `bodhi_update`)
for release syncing are configured. You can use --no-pull, --no-koji-build
or --no-bodhi-update options to not add some of the jobs (at the moment,
Bodhi updates are created only for Koji builds built by Packit, therefore
--no-koji-build implies also no Bodhi update job).

You can either create the Packit config file only locally (default), or
create a pull request (using --create-pr option) or push directly to the
dist-git's default branch (--push-to-distgit).

See 'packit init', if you want to initialize a repository as an upstream


Local generation for dist-git repo in current working directory:

$ packit dist-git init --upstream-git-url .

Local generation for dist-git repo specified by URL that will be cloned to
`<my-package>` dir:

$ packit dist-git init --upstream-git-url --clone-path

Using arbitrary configuration options that are not provided as the command
options (the working dir needs to be specified in this case):

$ packit dist-git init --upstream-git-url
--my-option option-value .

--upstream-git-url TEXT URL to the upstream GIT repository
--upstream-git-url-command TEXT
Command to get the URL of the upstream git
--upstream-tag-template TEXT Template applied for upstream tags if they
differ from versions. E.g. 'v{version}'
--upstream-tag-include TEXT Python regex used for filtering upstream
tags to include.
--upstream-tag-exclude TEXT Python regex used for filtering upstream
tags to exclude.
--version-update-mask TEXT Python regex used for comparison of the old
and the new version.
--issue-repository TEXT URL of a git repository that can be used for
reporting errors in form of issues.
--no-pull Do not include the pull from upstream job in
the config
--no-koji-build Do not include the Koji build job in the
--allowed-committers TEXT Comma separated list of allowed_committers
used for Koji builds
--allowed-pr-authors TEXT Comma separated list of allowed_pr_authors
used for Koji builds
--no-bodhi-update Do not include the Bodhi update job in the
--actions-file FILE Yaml file with 'actions' that should be used
for the config
--dist-git-branches TEXT Comma separated list of target branches in
dist-git to release into. (defaults to
-p, --push-to-distgit Push the generated Packit config to the
dist-git repository's rawhide
-c, --create-pr Create a PR with generated Packit config
-f, --force Reset config to default if already exists.
--clone-path TEXT Path to clone the dist-git repo into (if
path_or_url is URL). Otherwise clone the
repo in a temporary directory.
--commit-msg TEXT Commit message used when creating a PR (also
for the title) or pushing to dist-git.
Default: 'Add Packit configuration for
automating release syncing'
-h, --help Show this message and exit.