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job: propose_downstream

Land a new upstream release in Fedora. This job only makes sure the changes happen in Fedora dist-git - no builds. A pull request is created as a result.

Supported triggers

  • release

Optional parameters

  • dist_git_branches - a (list of) branches in dist-git where packit should work (defaults to main which represents Fedora Rawhide). You can also use the aliases provided by Packit to not need to change the config file when the new system version is released.


- job: propose_downstream
trigger: release
- job: propose_downstream
trigger: release
- f35

This config would update Fedora Rawhide and Fedora 35 dist-git branches.

If you need to do any change in the pull request, you need to locally fetch the source branch of the Packit's pull request and push it (with a fix) to your fork (as it is not possible to push to the branch created in the Packit's fork):

git fetch$YOUR_PACKAGE.git refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/packit/*
git cherry-pick packit/$VERSION-$BRANCH-update-propose_downstream