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job: upstream_koji_build

Create a SRPM from upstream and submit a scratch RPM build to Fedora Koji build system.

At the moment it is not possible to run non-scratch Koji builds from upstream. For more info, please see the following issue.

If you want to do official Koji builds, the sources need to be present in dist-git: job koji_build can take care of that.

(The job used to be called production_build but we are deprecating that name in favour of the more explicit upstream_koji_build.)

Supported triggers

  • pull_request - check out content of the pull request
  • commit - reacts to new commits to the specified branch
  • release - check out content of the tag associated with the release

Optional parameters

  • scratch - (boolean) used to create a scratch (test) build instead of the real production build


    Needs to be set to true for upstream Koji builds.

  • targets - (a list of) targets we want to build for, list of supported targets can be listed using with koji list-targets. You can also use the aliases provided by Packit to not need to change the config file when the new system version is released.

  • branch - the name of the branch we want to build for when using commit trigger (defaults to the repository's default branch) or target branch when using pull_request trigger (default behaviour is reacting to all pull requests in the repository).