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job: bodhi_update

Create a new update in Fedora Bodhi for successful Koji build. A Packit config file needs to be in the dist-git repository to allow this job to be triggered. Packit loads the config from the commit the build is triggered from (therefore, the Packit configuration needs to be in each branch Packit should act upon).

For now, the Bodhi update is created only for builds submitted by the Packit FAS user. (See koji_build job for more details on how to set this up.) This is just for the early stage of this job, and we can easily turn off that filter. Let us know if you need this condition to be removed.

There is no UI provided by Packit for the job, but it is visible across Fedora systems like a manually created Bodhi update, and you can utilise Fedora Notifications to tweak the notifications settings.

For retriggering the job, see our release guide.

Note that this job is really new and not mature yet — let us know if you find anything problematic or any improvement we can implement.

Supported triggers

  • commit - Packit uses the original action as a config trigger, so you need to use commit as a trigger. The real trigger is a successful Koji build (that was triggered from a commit).

Required parameters

  • dist_git_branches - the name of the dist-git branch(es) the build we want to use is coming from. You can also use the aliases provided by Packit to not need to change the config file when the new system version is released.


- job: bodhi_update
trigger: commit
- fedora-branched # rawhide updates are created automatically
- epel-8