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In review (Packit)

In review (Copr)

Onboarded without Copr builds

  • nss-pem


Package not found

  • cockpit-container
  • redminecli

Upstream not found

  • anaconda-user-help

Source in pagure

  • standard-test-roles

multiple sources or patches in spec

  • avahi
  • jzlib
  • ksh
  • libvncserver
  • openscap
  • pykickstart - has invalid packit.yml right now ( in specfile path)
  • python-requests
  • rust-pretty-git-prompt - has packit config
  • system-config-printer
  • yp-tools

Needs action for spec generate

  • anaconda - how is it built?
  • abrt (onboarding blocked by pending build system change)
  • libreport (onboarding blocked by pending build system change)
  • cockpit - spec parse fails
  • cockpit-composer - npm fails
  • rpminspect - instructions for creating .spec?
  • satyr (onboarding blocked by pending build system change)

Other error

  • expat - unclosed macro or bad line continuation
  • javapackages-tools - unclosed macro or bad line continuation
  • gperftools - Failed to parse SPEC file
  • abrt-java-connector - The target archive doesn't use a common extension
  • libevent - The target archive doesn't use a common extension


  • python-requests-file
  • pyparted
  • lorax
  • checkpolicy -
    • related also to libsepol, libselinux, libsemanage, policycoreutils, secilc, mcstrans
    • multiple components and multiple tarballs from one repository
    • the packages from the repo depend on each other (have to be taken care of/built in a specific order)
    • changes have potential to be accepted only on fedora fork, changes on upstream need to be approved via mailing list
    • lack of trust caused by failed cooperation with other always ready project
  • libguestfs collection of tools:
  • Red Hat infra services team &
  • Open Source projects from David Cantrell
  • dnf
    • cross-PR dependencies
      • short-term solution: enable adding a repository to the copr project via a PR comment
      • create SRPM from master branch of a dependency, if no dependency is specified
      • are using packit: 50 % of builds fail b/c of dependant projects & pull requests
    • they use a dedicated repo for tests
    • Current CI solution:
      • provisioning: container image: contains rpm builds of all the components with tests included
      • the container image is the input for the testing phase
      • they want to have a matrix with all the test cases: distribute the runs to the testing farm
    • another complete run should be then preformed with all packages built like if the PRs were merged
  • Dusty & CoreOS
    • synced_files: src/ dest/ confusion
    • naming: source-git, propose-update
    • docs, source-git: finish the guide, show packit.yml
    • source-git patches: some files are not excluded (packit.yaml, spec file, downstream files) - configurable?
    • having packit.yaml in dist-git is confusing: we could have a "link" in dist-git which would point to a real location
    • validate packit yaml and halt if it's invalid
    • operate on a copy of a git repo: configurable?
    • trigger: new commit in a branch, action: build in a koji tag (and push to a d-g branch)
    • end goal: build certain upstream projects in a tag, release the tag to a stream & ostree repo
      • they want to use real koji builds - being able to yum install from a koji tag
      • push to a dedicated dist-git branch?
    • 5-10 projects
    • talk to Christian G