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Onboard automation scripts


  • Input for script. List of packages that are going to be onboarded with the script.

Accepted format is list of YAML dicts:

downstream_name: ogr
upstream_url: ""
downstream_name: packit
upstream_url: ""

  • For every package in input_packages.yml, the script:
  1. Clones upstream repository
  2. Makes sure packit configuration is present. If it is not, generates it using packit generate
  3. Runs packit status
  4. Tries building srpm with upstream specfile
  5. Tries building srpm with downstream specfile
  • Script stores all the log output in the ./output directory, where every instance of run is stored in separate directory marked by date.
  • The directory contains logs separated by package name and results.yml file with the results for all packages.
  • Run the script using: