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Configuration versioning

Example use cases we would like to solve with this:

  • Example 1: Image builder job - it will probably evolve over time depending on the requirements
  • Example 2: Changing interpretation of job overrides from replacing the values to merging

Existing support

  • no support from Marshmallow, see
  • in general, I have not found any existing support to do this
  • some tips from the issue above:
    • utilising render_module (from this class) - a class that defines loads and dumps, which defaults to json, could be a good place to intercept the raw data on a per-schema basis
    • migrating the raw data before deserializing to avoid maintaining a schema history

Versioning jobs aside from the whole config

  • this would be mostly beneficial for versioning only one job type (e.g. vm_image_build)
  • since all the job-related fields in the job config are grouped in a class together, this would not be straightforward
  • we could have specific fields that would be versioned and have own schema e.g. in case of Image builder job having some field that would introduce a nested schema and we could have different versions of these: e.g.
- job: vm_image_build
trigger: pull_request
version: 1
packages_to_install: [packit]
owner: packit
project: packit-dev
image_type: aws
image_architecture: x86_64
image_account_id: "727920394381"
- job: vm_image_build
trigger: pull_request
version: 2
image_distribution: rhel-8
image_type: aws
image_architecture: x86_64
image_account_id: "727920394381"
packages_to_install: [packit]
owner: packit
project: packit-dev

and schemas:

class ImageBuilderMetadataV1(ImageBuilderMetadataSchema):
image_distribution = fields.String(missing=None)
image_request = fields.Dict(missing=None)
image_customizations = fields.Dict(missing=None)
class ImageBuilderMetadataV2(ImageBuilderMetadataSchema):
image_distribution = fields.String(missing=None)
image_type: fields.String(missing=None)
image_architecture = fields.String(missing=None)
image_account_id = fields.String(missing=None)
packages_to_install = fields.String(missing=None)
owner = fields.String(missing=None)
project = fields.String(missing=None)

and the config object would have all the fields and the code could handle both

  • from the coding perspective this would not be a problem - the version would be detected either from whole config or directly from the image_builder_metadata
  • but this may be confusing to users - versioning some configuration field apart from the whole config,
    • if we would do both whole config versioning and only fields versioning, this would become complicated and we would need to solve integration of both

Implementation details for the whole config versioning


  • for each backwards incompatible change, we would bump the version
  • there would be a default version, options:
    • 1 - since 1 would be the version "before starting the versioning", it would be the most natural that if there is no version specified, the version is 1 (Docker does the same)
    • always the latest: we would need to enforce with introducing the first backwards incompatible change that all projects have the version set in their configs to 1 or use the changed schema (we could open PRs to projects with the config change, see)
  • this would be properly documented, we can get inspired by Docker, see, the documentation would also include Packit version that starts supporting the particular configuration schema

How this could work

  • check the version in PackageConfig.get_from_dict() (use the default if not present)
  • import the schema classes matching that version:
if version == "1":
from packit.schema.v1 import PackageConfigSchema
elif version == "2":
from packit.schema.v2 import PackageConfigSchema
  • this would allow partially redefining schema classes or reexporting existing schema classes, e.g. in packit.schema.v2:
from packit.schema.v1 import PackageConfigSchema as PackageConfigSchemaV1
# reexport as v2, without a change
from packit.schema.v1 import JobConfig

class PackageConfigSchema(PackageConfigSchemaV1):
# override some fields
  • we would need to make sure that load-dump-load results in same representation
  • config classes would not be versioned - all config schema versions need to be migrated when loading the configuration to the latest state of the configuration object


  • consider also relation to this issue
    • if we would introduce some change that would break the compatibility, we would open PRs for each repository that uses the particular configuration field
    • this could not be sufficient for all use cases
  • decide whether we want to support versioning of only some fields
  • decide what would be the default if version not specified in the config (and plan if we want to open PRs to existing projects with introducing version field and providing link to explaining documentation)
  • with the next introduction of backwards incompatible change/ or right away, start versioning the schema