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Requirements for the specfile library


  • We create a Python object by specifying a path of the spec-file and (optionally) path to spec-file sources (the directory with the spec-file).
  • (optional) After a change, we can reload the content (can be done by recreating of the object).
  • After the manipulation, the content is synced to the file or, we have a way to do this explicitly.
  • Be able to copy a section of spec-file to another object.
  • When reading the values, we want to be able to have both version with macros expanded and raw without expansion.
  • When changing the spec-file, we want to operate on the raw spec-file.
    • All changes results in a minimal and local diff.

Version and release

  • The version and release fields can be get.
  • We can set the new version. If release is not specified, reset the release number to 1.


  • We can get the content of the changelog.
  • We can add a new changelog entry:
    • By providing only the changelog text.
    • Optionally, field like name or email can be specified. (Defaults of bumbspec are used by default.)


  • We can get the sources and patches.
  • We can download the sources from a lookaside cache.
  • We can download remote sources (sources in form of URL).
  • We can change the value of a source.
  • We can get archive name for source.


  • For patches and other fields, we want to add a comment without a need to manipulate with the file directly.

    • What about having a get/set comment value for various spec-file attributes for comment lines right above the item without any non-comment line?

      # this is
      # the comment
      # for the first source
      Source1: source1.tar

      # this is not a comment for the second source

      Source2: source2.tar


  • We can get the patches.
    • Including the comment above (see the section above).
  • We can add a new patch:
    • Automatically pick the right number.
    • Check if the patch isn't already present.
    • If there already are patches, then the patch is added after them.
    • If there are no existing patches, the patch is added after Source definitions
    • Be able to set a comment used above the patch line (see the section above).
  • Concept of applied patches. (Probably source-git specific.)
    • Behave like a commented patch.
    • We are able to list the applied patches.
    • We can apply the patches = comment the patch.
  • We can remove all the patches.

Other content

  • We can get and replace the method used in prep section (e.g. autosetup, setup, autopatch,...).
  • Get URL tag.

Workflows (can be implemented elsewhere but would be nice)

  • Bumbspec: change version and add a new changelog entry.
  • Be able to copy content of the whole spec-file to another object and be able to ignore a section during that (e.g. whole content but the changelog).

Functionality used from rebase-helper but not connected to the spec-files