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Building SRPMs in Copr

Copr provides an option to use their custom source method to create sources for SRPM.

How to use the custom source method to create sources

  • required script in any scripting language and chroot where the script is executed (defaults to fedora-latest-x86_64)
  • output of the script: specfile, optionally any other file needed to successfully build a source RPM from that spec file (tarballs, patches)
  • script is executed under non-privileged user -> packages needed for running script should be specified as a list of (srpm)build-dependencies
  • optional parameters:
    • builddeps: list of packages
    • resultdir: dir with output files (defaults to current working directory)
  • cannot be run separately without creating a copr build (we cannot use it for koji builds)
  • in python-copr we would call this method (currently we use create_from_file):
    def create_from_custom(self, ownername, projectname, script, script_chroot=None,
script_builddeps=None, script_resultdir=None, buildopts=None,
Create a build from custom script.

:param str ownername:
:param str projectname:
:param script: script to execute to generate sources
:param script_chroot: [optional] what chroot to use to generate
sources (defaults to fedora-latest-x86_64)
:param script_builddeps: [optional] list of script's dependencies
:param script_resultdir: [optional] where script generates results
(relative to cwd)
:param str project_dirname:
:return: Munch
  • logs from building the SRPM stored in separate file, example

  • current process for creating SRPM in Packit:

    • create_srpm method of PackitAPI class, PackitAPI has the info about package config, local project, user config
    • create_srpm calls these methods of Upstream class:
      1. run_action(actions=ActionName.post_upstream_clone)
        • run user-defined action for what to do after cloning of the upstream repo
      2. prepare_upstream_for_srpm_creation(upstream_ref=upstream_ref)
        • upstream_ref: git ref to upstream commit
        • determine version, create an archive or download upstream and create patches for sourcegit, fix/update the specfile to use the right archive, download the remote sources, user-defined actions used also here, e.g. ActionName.create_archive
      3. create_srpm(srpm_path=output_file, srpm_dir=srpm_dir)
        • run rpmbuild command
  • we need to group the functionality of cloning the particular repo version, running 1. and 2. step from current process, move the needed files into resultdir -> dedicated CLI command/method - this will be used in the script

  • we need to get the required info into the script:

    • info about project version
      • git ref
      • pr_id
      • repo name + namespace / url
    • job config
    • do we need anything from service config? we have the secrets there, so we can't pass the whole service config

How did I test the functionality

I used our packit srpm command for testing:

script = """


git clone ogr
cd ogr
packit -d srpm

tarball=$(echo fedora/ogr-*.tar.gz)
mv fedora/python-ogr.spec "$resultdir"
mv "$tarball" "$resultdir"

and then called:

copr_client.build_proxy.create_from_custom(ownername="lbarczio", projectname="ogr-test-custom", script=script,
script_builddeps=["git", "packit", "python3-wheel", "python3-pip", "python3-setuptools",
"python3-setuptools_scm", "python3-setuptools_scm_git_archive"])

Plan how to build SRPMs in Copr in Packit Service

  • create CLI command or only Packit API method for preparing sources (would mostly use existing functionality, described above)
  • implement creation of the script (Python/bash - Python would be easier for handling with configs)
    • script will be created dynamically each time
    • pass the needed arguments and use the method/command
  • implement using the script for creating SRPMS for Copr builds
    • use copr API to submit SRPM build:
      • copr_client.build_proxy.create_from_custom(ownername=owner, projectname=project, script=script, script_builddeps=["git", "packit", ...])
      • find out what exactly will be the builddeps for SRPM creation (check which I needed to include when testing earlier)
        • currently, we have some builddeps hardcoded in workers added on demand of some of our users, those need to be included
        • in future, we could implement mechanism for specifying builddeps for the action itself
          • those would be included dynamically
    • make sure we receive messages about SRPM state in fedmsg (we already have some processing in Packit Service, check whether the format is up to date here and here)
    • create new handlers for SRPM state change / extend the CoprBuildStartHandler/CoprBuildEndHandler
      • report the SRPM state to user (checks/statuses)
      • create/update SRPM model in our DB
      • provide the link with SRPM logs
  • for Koji builds, still use the old way for now