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  • PythonAPI not specified and documented:
    • [issue] Provide/document a Python API

      Also, there are no guarantees that tito will not change in future releases, meaning that your custom implementations may occasionally need to be updated.



Tag new releases with incremented RPM version or release.

  1. bump the version/release in spec file
  2. auto-generate spec file changelog based on git history since last tag
  3. commit changes
  4. git tag


  • Create reliable tar.gz files with consistent checksums from any tag.

  • Build source and binary rpms off any tag.

    $ tito build --help
    Usage: tito build [options]

    --tgz Build .tar.gz
    --srpm Build srpm
    --rpm Build rpm
  • Build source and binary "test" rpms off most recently committed code.

    tito build --test
  • Build multiple source rpms with appropriate disttags for submission to the Koji build system.

  • Build packages off an "upstream" git repository, where modifications in the "downstream" git repository will be applied as a patch in the source rpm. (UpstreamBuilder)

  • Manage all of the above for a git repository with many disjoint packages within it.