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Sync back changes made in dist-git

Although we recommend for all packaging work to be done in source-git once it was decided to adopt the source-git workflow, some changes are going to keep happening in dist-git, like the bumping of release numbers by provenpackagers during re-builds.

In order to prevent the content of the source-git repository from diverging from dist-git, these changes need to be synced back to source-git.

Use the packit source-git update-source-git command to do this:

$ packit source-git update-source-git <DIST_GIT_REPO_PATH> <SOURCE_GIT_REPO_PATH> <RANGE>

The command works offline, so it's up to the developer to inspect and push the changes synced back to source-git (or open an MR).

The command above will refuse to update the source-git repository, if any of the dist-git commits in <RANGE> changed the source of the package or any of the patch-files. We expect such changes to be done in source-git, or if they need to happen in dist-git, to be synced back manually.