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Propose your source-git content to dist-git

Once your changes are merged into a source-git repo, the final step is to propose those changes to dist-git and get a production build. Alternatively, you can open a dist-git merge request just to trigger the dist-git checks or see how the changes would look in dist-git.

If you want to change something in the spec file, this is the right time to bump release, add a %changelog entry or adjust macros. Packit will copy the content of the source-git spec to the dist-git repo.

Update local dist-git checkout

The first step is to update a local clone of a dist-git repo:

$ packit source-git update-dist-git -m "a comment" $SOURCE_GIT_REPO_PATH $DIST_GIT_REPO_PATH

This command does not push any changes - everything happens only in your local environment. We advise you to inspect the changes done in your dist-git repo before pushing them out to be sure about them.

If you are satisfied with the changes, put them in a new branch, push them out and create a merge request:

$ git switch -C resolve-bz-1234567
$ git push $USER_ID

The premise is that the remote of your fork is named $USER_ID as this is how centpkg fork does it. Once pushed, create the merge request in your browser.

From this point, you should follow the standard dist-git contribution process.

Our team is working on simplifying this workflow so some steps described above will be automated in the future.