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Diverged history

It can easily happen that the history of the source-git and dist-git repositories get diverged. See this document for more info about how packit checks the sync status.

Packit considers the histories of those repositories as diverged when both of them have as a HEAD commit one of the following changes:

  • A change which has not been synced to the other repository.
  • The change has been synced but the From-[source|dist]-git-commit git trailer is missing for some reason.
  • The change couldn't have been synced because it's "empty", i.e. it generates no change when synced to the other repo. Examples of such changes:
    • a change in .distro/source-git.yaml or other file which is not synchronized between repositories
    • mass rebuild in a package which uses rpmautospec (results in an empty commit in the dist-git repo)

When you then try to synchronize those repositories either way, you get

PackitException: '.../src/package' and '.../rpms/package' have diverged.
Sync status needs to be reestablished manually.
The first source-git commit to be synced is 'abc'.
The first dist-git commit to be synced is 'xyz'.

To sync them manually try to re-run the command with the -f/--force switch, which doesn't check the synchronization status.

If you need to synchronise the "empty" change, you have to manually add an empty commit to the other repository

  • git commit --allow-empty -m "From-dist-git-commit HEAD" - to the source-git repo OR
  • git commit --allow-empty -m "From-source-git-commit HEAD" - to the dist-git repo. Where HEAD is the sha of HEAD commit of the other repo. There will be an easier way once packit/packit#1884 is implemented.