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Handling of Release field in propose_downstream job

· 2 min read

We have recently made some fixes to the process of handling the Release field regarding the %autorelease macro, so let's take that opportunity to explain how it works.

You can maintain the Release field manually, you can use a dummy value or you can take advantage of the %autorelease macro.

Maintaining Release manually

You can maintain the Release field manually as you would do downstream, for example you could bump the value every time you make changes to the spec file and reset it to 1 when you release a new version.

Packit will not touch the value unless it detects a change in Version and no change in Release. In such case it will reset Release to 1 in the dist-git spec file, to ensure that the resulting NVR is not higher than any existing NVR in dist-git (that could have been already created by propose_downstream in a different branch for example).

You most likely want to enable the sync_changelog option so that your upstream %changelog is synchronized to dist-git as well.

Using a dummy value

You can use a value like 0 or 1 and never touch it, Packit will make sure it is set to 1 in the dist-git spec file. You can do this if you don't care about upstream %changelog, i.e. you have sync_changelog disabled and use copy_upstream_release_description or the changelog-entry action to generate it downstream.

Using %autorelease

You can use the %autorelease macro in the Release field and the %autochangelog macro in %changelog. In this case Packit will not change anything, it will only synchronize changes made to the arguments of the macro (if any).

If you want to start using %autorelease and %autochangelog, you should do the change in dist-git before releasing a new version upstream and triggering propose_downstream job, otherwise Packit will continue to set Release to 1 in the dist-git spec file.

%autorelease in dist-git

No matter how you maintain the Release field in your upstream spec file, Packit will never overwrite the %autorelease macro if it is used in the dist-git spec file.