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packit build in-copr

Submit a Copr build of the present content in the upstream repository.


  • Upstream git repository on GitHub.
  • Packit config file placed in the upstream repository.
  • ~/.config/copr

A minimum copr configure file is:

copr_url =
gssapi = true

This uses GSSAPI (see fkinit for more details). Alternatively you can use copr API token available here.


  1. Place a config file for packit in the root of your upstream repository.

  2. The command below would create a SRPM from the present content of a repo and perform copr-cli build with it. If you need to specify a project name/owner or chroots, see the options in help.

    $ cd my/ustream/project/
    $ packit build in-copr


Usage: packit build in-copr [OPTIONS] [PATH_OR_URL]

Build selected upstream project in Copr.

PATH_OR_URL argument is a local path or a URL to the upstream git
repository, it defaults to the current working directory.

--wait / --no-wait Wait for the build to finish
--owner TEXT Copr user, owner of the project. (defaults to
username from copr config)
--project TEXT Project name to build in. Will be created if
does not exist. (defaults to the first found
project value in the config file or 'packit-
--targets TEXT Comma separated list of chroots to build in.
(defaults to 'fedora-rawhide-x86_64')
--description TEXT Description of the project to build in.
--instructions TEXT Installation instructions for the project to
build in.
--list-on-homepage Created copr project will be visible on copr's
--preserve-project Created copr project will not be removed after
60 days.
--additional-repos TEXT URLs to additional yum repos, which can be
used during build. Comma separated. This
should be baseurl from .repo file. E.g.:
--upstream-ref TEXT Git ref of the last upstream commit in the
current branch from which packit should
generate patches (this option implies the
repository is source-git).
--request-admin-if-needed Ask for admin permissions when we need to
change settings of the copr project and are
not allowed to do so.
--enable-net / --disable-net Copr build is built with explicitly enabled
network access or disabled
--release-suffix TEXT Specifies release suffix. Allows to override
default generated:{current_time}.{sanitized_cu
--default-release-suffix Allows to use default, packit-generated,
release suffix when some release_suffix is
specified in the configuration.
--module-hotfixes Created copr project will have module_hotfixes
set to True
-p, --package TEXT Package to build, if more than one available,
like in a monorepo configuration. Use it
multiple times to select multiple
packages.Defaults to all the packages listed
inside the config.
-h, --help Show this message and exit.