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Week 16 (April 16th – April 22nd)

  • packit dist-git init now allows specifying --version-update-mask option and also any arbitrary top-level configuration options. (packit#2288)
  • We have fixed Packit auto-referencing Upstream Release Monitoring bug for release syncing to CentOS Stream. (packit#2284)
  • We have changed the behaviour of /packit test comment command: in case there is a missing build for some target, the build will not be triggered anymore, it will just be reported to the user. We needed to make this change as with the increased complexity of the configuration (multiple test jobs), the previous implementation was prone to race conditions leading to wasting of resources of Copr and Testing Farm. (packit-service#2399)

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Week 13 (March 27th – April 2nd)

  • The default behaviour of changelog entry generation has been changed to comply with Fedora Packaging Guidelines (see the relevant Fedora Packaging Committee discussion). From now on, the default changelog entry is "- Update to version \<version>". Users can still affect this behaviour using custom commands in the changelog-entry action or with the copy_upstream_release_description configuration option. (packit#2253)

  • "[packit]" prefix has been removed from default dist-git commit message titles in order to prevent unnecessary noise in autogenerated changelog. Users can override this using the commit-message action. (packit#2263)

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Week 12 (March 19th – March 25th)

  • Packit no longer shows status checks for not yet triggered manual tests. (packit-service#2375)
  • packit validate-config now checks whether upstream_project_url is set if pull_from_upstream job is configured. (packit#2254)
  • We have fixed an issue in %prep section processing. For instance, if the %patches macro appeared there, it would have been converted to %patch es, causing failure when executing %prep later. (specfile#356)

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Week 7 (February 13th – February 19th)

  • Packit now supports special value ignore for trigger in jobs configuration that indicates not to execute the job at all. This can be useful for templates or temporarily disabled jobs. (packit#2234)
  • We have fixed the caching of data for the usage API endpoint. (packit-service#2350)
  • We have fixed an issue that caused loading the same data multiple times on the dashboard within the project views. (packit-service#2349)
  • We have also fixed crashing of dashboard's Usage page in case of unsuccessful queries. (dashboard#378)
  • We have fixed parsing of resolved Bugzillas in comments with multiple arguments specified, e.g. /packit pull-from-upstream --with-pr-config --resolved-bugs rhbz#123. (packit-service#2346)

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Week 6 (February 6th – February 12th)

  • Packit now searches for bugzilla about new release created by Upstream Release Monitoring to reference each time it syncs the release downstream. (packit#2229)
  • We have introduced new CLI command packit dist-git init that initializes Packit configuration for release automation in dist-git repository. (packit#2225)
  • We have introduced new configuration options require.label.present and require.label.absent. By configuring these you can specify labels that need to be present or absent on a pull request for Packit to react on such PR. (packit-service#2333)
  • Interface for labels was unified and labels property for PullRequest and Issue now return list of PRLabel and IssueLabel respectively. (ogr#839)