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Week 18 (April 30th – May 6th)

  • Packit will now upload to lookaside cache sources that are not specified by URLs and are present in the dist-git repo during release sync. Additionally, all the actions ran during syncing release will provide the PACKIT_PROJECT_VERSION environment variable. (packit#2297)
  • We have introduced a new status_name_template option that allows you to configure status name for a Packit job. For further details have a look at our docs. This feature is still experimental and at the moment it is not possible to retry such jobs via GitHub Checks' re-run. (packit-service#2402)

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Week 17 (April 23rd – April 29th)

  • We have fixed the syncing of ACLs during CentOS Stream release syncing. (packit#2298)
  • koji_build job has a new sidetag_group option that allows to perform a downstream Koji build in a sidetag. A new sidetag will be created for each configured dist_git_branch if it doesn't already exist. This represents the first step towards multi-package Bodhi updates. Stay tuned for further advancements! (packit-service#2409)
  • We have fixed an issue when copr_build job status checks were sometimes wrongly updated with a misleading message after a SRPM build failure. (packit-service#2406)

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Week 16 (April 16th – April 22nd)

  • packit dist-git init now allows specifying --version-update-mask option and also any arbitrary top-level configuration options. (packit#2288)
  • We have fixed Packit auto-referencing Upstream Release Monitoring bug for release syncing to CentOS Stream. (packit#2284)
  • We have changed the behaviour of /packit test comment command: in case there is a missing build for some target, the build will not be triggered anymore, it will just be reported to the user. We needed to make this change as with the increased complexity of the configuration (multiple test jobs), the previous implementation was prone to race conditions leading to wasting of resources of Copr and Testing Farm. (packit-service#2399)