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May 2023

· 2 min read

Week 18 (May 4th - May 9th)

We have experienced issues with automatic Bodhi updates that we are investigating. In case you miss a Bodhi update, you can retrigger the job via /packit create-update comment in a dist-git pull request. Besides that, during this short week (another Czech Republic public holiday) we didn't manage to implement any significant new features.

Week 19 (May 9th – May 15th)

  • Packit now doesn't react to its own comments on Pagure and GitLab (on GitHub, this was already implemented). (packit-service#2048)

Week 20 (May 16th – May 22nd)

  • We have implemented a denylisting mechanism allowing us to denylist namespaces/projects to prevent misuse of our service. (packit-service#2046)
  • Packit will now additionally require for each test job requiring build a build job definition to be present in the Packit configuration file. (packit-service#2012)
  • Packit now checks whether the configured architecture for the test target is supported by Testing Farm and in case it's not supported, Packit doesn't submit these test requests. (packit-service#2053)

Week 21 (May 23rd – May 29th)

  • Unsuccessful Image Builder requests now provide error details so you can fix the Image configuration. (packit#1981)
  • Copr projects created by Packit will not follow the Fedora branching from now. This decision has been made to lower the load on Copr from the temporary Copr projects created, mainly, for the PR builds. If you are releasing your packages to the Copr, please use the new setting follow_fedora_branching. Already existing projects are not affected by this change and it is also not enforced with the custom Copr repositories. (packit#1970)
  • Additional artifact(s) passed as artifacts in the tf_extra_params dictionary will be now combined with the artifact passed by Packit instead of rewriting it. (packit-service#2056)
  • Specfile library now handles multiple %changelog sections. (specfile#230)