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April 2023

· 2 min read

Weeks 14–15 (April 3rd – April 17th)

  • packit source-git related commands can skip dist-git repos, where the git trailer is not found, when looking for the right dist-git dir where to work. (packit#1938)
  • Tmt tests can now be run with fmf root outside of git root (packit#1936)
  • Commits created by Packit no longer contain the "Signed-off-by" tag. (packit#1934)
  • Packit's source_git functionality installs/loads the _packitpatch script in a more reliable manner that doesn't rely on deprecated setuptools functionality. (packit#1926)
  • Packit now supports monorepo configuration in CLI (packit#1864)
  • Packit should now correctly catch the logs if any of the user actions fail during propose_downstream. (packit#1939)
  • Packit now resets Release field in dist-git spec file to 1 when the version in upstream spec file is not up-to-date with the release that triggered propose_downstream. (packit#1940)

Week 16 (April 18th – April 24th)

  • Packit now complies with PEP 621 and stores project metadata in pyproject.toml. (packit#1913)
  • Packit now properly respects upstream_ref for tags that start with "a", "b", "c", "e", "n", "r", "s". (packit#1943)
  • Packit Service now supports multi package configuration (a.k.a. monorepo configuration). (packit-service#1982)

Week 17-18 (April 25th – May 3rd)

  • Detection of %autorelease usage in dist-git spec file during propose-downstream and pull-from-upstream has been improved and Packit will always preserve it. (packit#1949)
  • We have fixed an issue that prevented you from building in Copr and Koji on release in the GitLab upstream. (packit-service#2027)
  • TMT tests can now be run with FMF root outside of git root. (packit-service#2007)
  • When reacting to branch pushes, Packit now correctly checks whether the branch name matches the configuration for the test jobs with configured commit trigger. (packit-service#2015)
  • The propose-downstream job triggered by an issue comment now correctly loads the configuration from the upstream repository. (packit-service#2021)
  • Packit is newly on Mastodon. Or, more specifically, on Fosstodon. Follow and be one of the first to know about all the news!