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March 2023

· One min read

Week 10 (March 7th – March 13th)

  • Parsing the spec file by RPM is now performed only if really necessary, greatly improving performance in certain scenarios. (specfile#212)

Week 11 (March 14th – March 20th)

  • Packit now uses the get_current_version action defined by the user to retrieve version before updating the specfile %setup macro (if any). (packit#1886)

Week 12 (March 21st – March 27th)

  • 'upstream_tag_template' is now also used when looking for the latest version tag in Git. This allows upstream repositories to mix different tag-patterns in the same repository, but consider only one to tell the latest version. (packit#1891)

Week 13 (March 28th – April 3rd)

  • Packit now preserves %autorelease during propose_downstream and pull_from_upstream. (packit#1904)
  • Since in GitLab, it is not possible to overwrite the pending statuses, Packit now provides more generic descriptions and URLs when setting the first pending status. (packit-service#1975)