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June 2023

· 2 min read

Week 22 (May 30th – June 5th)

  • Packit will now filter the pull requests based on the target branch if the branch is specified in the particular job configuration. (packit-service#2074)
  • Packit now supports manual_trigger in the configuration that allows you to make jobs run only when explicitly triggered by a comment. (packit-service#2069)

Week 23 (June 6th – June 12th)

  • Our dashboard now shows projects in a table instead of the cards. (dashboard#267)

  • /packit test command has two new options:

    With --identifier option, Testing Farm will trigger only jobs with that identifier. (packit-service#2079)

    Also, it is now possible to specify labels for a job and trigger tests based on labels using a --labels option of the /packit test command. (packit#1988, packit-service#2088)

  • If the vm_image_build job doesn't have Copr project/owner configured, Copr project used for the latest Copr build of the pull request will be now used. (packit-service#2080)

  • Fixed filters in files_to_sync not being applied properly. (packit#1977)

  • The issue that could've caused inconsistencies when tests from a PR were supposed to be merged during the test runs on the Testing Farm has been fixed. (packit-service#2090)

Week 24 (June 13th – June 19th)

Week 25 (June 21st – June 27th)

  • If you are interested about the manual triggering deployed two weeks ago, David Kornel and Jakub Stejskal published a blog post about this on
  • Copr builds configured as a monorepo job will now be built in one Copr project together. The bug with overwriting the statuses for monorepo jobs has been fixed as well. (packit-service#2097)

Week 26 (June 27th – July 3rd)

  • The bug which prevented errors on Testing Farm request submission from being correctly propagated to the user was fixed. (packit-service#2103)
  • pull_from_upstream jobs can now be retriggered with a comment /packit pull-from-upstream in a dist-git pull request. (packit-service#2087)