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July 2023

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Week 27 (July 4th – July 10th)

  • Packit now correctly reloads upstream specfile after running pre-sync action. (packit#2006)

Week 28 (July 11th – July 17th)

  • Packit now includes instructions on how to checkout the dist-git PR locally when syncing the release. (packit-service#2116)
  • We have fixed a bug in processing options of %prep macros in our specfile library. For instance, when a quoted string appeared inside an expression expansion, it could lead to improper parsing, rendering the spec file invalid after accessing the options. (specfile#253)
  • has a new format! As the content has expanded a lot in the recent year, we decided to switch to using Docosaurus: now all the documentation is in one place and this format also enables additional features for our blog posts. (

Weeks 29–30 (July 18th – July 31st)

  • With plenty of team members on vacation, we didn't manage to implement any significant new features during these two weeks.