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2021 in Numbers

· 2 min read

Let's take a look on the year 2021 through some numbers. We would like to show you some interesting statistics and charts that can describe the work of Packit during the year 2021. If you are more interested in new features, let's take a look on our second post.

GitHub Application

As of now, we have 169 installations of our GitHub application and 41 of them is from the year 2021. Looking at the monthly numbers below, it looks like we are getting back to shape.

GitHub installations in 2021


Compared to the year 2020 when we made 28 430 Copr builds for our users, we made 4.6 times more in the year 2021: 133 222 Copr builds. For those who remember the start of our project, we had a goal of 5 thousand for the FLOCK 2019. We are now two digits ahead! And if you are wondering how active is our user on Copr, we've created 2/3 of all the new Copr projects during the year.

To made this happen, we've created 36 133 source RPM files in the year 2021.

Copr builds in 2021

Test runs

Sadly, we started saving the submit time of the test runs in June so we have numbers only for the second half of the year. The numbers are not so high as for the builds but still 18 498 test runs.

Test runs in 2021

Top 20 projects in the number of PR Copr Builds

Top20 projects in the number of PR Copr Builds

Top 20 projects in the number of PR test runs

Top20 projects in the number of PR Test runs