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· 2 min read

Week 41 (October 10th – October 16th)

  • (breaking) Packit no longer accepts packit.json or .packit.json as a configuration file name. (packit#2123)
  • We have implemented several improvements in syncing the release downstream:
    • Packit now updates ACL of its own dist-git forks to allow users and groups with commit rights to the original dist-git repo to push directly to a fork. (packit#2112)
    • Packit now also properly cleans up the branch after syncing the release which should prevent unwanted files (e.g. tarballs) being committed to dist-git. (packit#2125)
    • We have adjusted the way how Packit includes the resolved bugzillas in the commit messages created when syncing the release downstream so that the resolved bugzillas are included in changelog when using %autochangelog. (packit#2126)
  • Packit now reacts to retriggering comments for downstream jobs by commenting on the same issue/PR and providing information about the jobs. (packit-service#2222)
  • We have fixed an issue that prevented you from running the jobs on the due to failing resolution of the upstream/downstream relationship for the cloned project. (packit#2120)
  • Packit now triggers the build for the /packit test comment command if the last build was not successful. (packit-service#2228)

And special thanks to @SpyTec for multiple wonderful dashboard improvements!

· One min read

Week 40 (October 3rd – October 9th)

  • We have fixed an issue that you could encounter when running the Packit from the CLI that caused misinterpretation of the repository to be an upstream repo instead of a downstream. (packit#2117)
  • Packit now also detects resolved bugs in the default update notes (created from changelog diff) and assigns these when submitting the Bodhi updates. (packit#2111)
  • We have fixed an issue that prevented automated allowlisting in the Packit Service. (packit#2113)
  • Packit now exports PACKIT_UPSTREAM_PACKAGE_NAME, PACKIT_DOWNSTREAM_PACKAGE_NAME and PACKIT_CONFIG_PACKAGE_NAME also in the changelog_entry action. (packit#2103)
  • Packit now posts a comment with a link to the Packit dashboard to the pull requests created in Fedora dist-git when syncing the release. (packit-service#2215)

· One min read

Week 39 (September 26th – October 2nd)

  • When using packit CLI you can now specify bugs resolved by an update by -b or --resolve-bug option for propose-downstream and pull-from-upstream commands. The values will be added by default to the changelog and commit message and provided in commit-message and changelog-entry actions as PACKIT_RESOLVED_BUGS env variable. (packit#2094)
  • Packit-service now automatically adds bugzilla created by Upstream Release Monitoring as - Resolves {bugzilla} to the changelog (or commit if autochangelog is used) and provides the value in commit-message and changelog-entry actions as PACKIT_RESOLVED_BUGS env variable. When retriggering the pull-from-upstream from comment, one can also specify the bug(s) as /packit pull-from-upstream --resolved-bugs rhbz#123,rhbz#125 and Packit will do the same. (packit-service#2193)
  • You can now configure notifications.failure_comment.message also for downstream jobs, where the configured message will be used as an extension of the comment added by default by Packit. (packit-service#2199)

· One min read

Week 38 (September 19th – September 25th)

  • As part of the effort of implementing release syncing for CentOS Stream, Packit now supports the pkg_tool option in the config (at the top-level or with specific packages when using the monorepo syntax). This option can be used for switching between fedpkg or centpkg. (packit#2085)
  • When updating the Version tag during propose_downstream or pull_from_upstream, Packit now tries to update referenced macros (if any) rather than overwriting the references. (packit#2087)

· One min read

Week 37 (September 12th – September 18th)

  • If you have concerns about Packit uploading new archives to lookaside cache before creating a pull request, you can newly set upload_sources to False to disable this. (packit#2086)
  • We have introduced a new configuration option notifications.failure_comment.message that enables notifying users on failure via a comment using the configured message. (packit-service#2182)

· One min read

Week 36 (September 5th – September 11th)

  • Packit now supports commit-message action that can be used to override the default commit message produced by Packit during propose-downstream or pull-from-upstream. Please pay attention to our documentation with regards to the usage of this action. (packit#2070)
  • Packit CLI now supports testing the pull-from-upstream workflow. Use the packit pull-from-upstream command from the packit RPM package. (packit#2063)
  • Packit now passes initiator context for tmt to the Testing Farm. You can use this option to run or skip certain tests when they're run by Packit. (packit-service#2176)
  • Testing Farm started additionally exposing regexes on top of the exact compose names in the /composes/ endpoints, and we now support this as well when checking the validity of compose. (packit-service#2168)
  • We have disabled the jitter for retrying Bodhi update tasks to prevent race conditions causing not created updates. (packit-service#2170)
  • We have fixed a bug in get_fork method for Pagure about checking the usernames for a match when going through existing forks. (ogr#800)

· One min read

Week 35 (August 29th – September 4th)

  • Now Packit exposes PACKIT_PACKAGE_NAME, PACKIT_UPSTREAM_PACKAGE_NAME and PACKIT_DOWNSTREAM_PACKAGE_NAME env variables to all the actions. (packit#2061)
  • Packit now sets PACKIT_UPSTREAM_REPO and PACKIT_DOWNSTREAM_REPO environment variables for release syncing actions. The variables represent paths where the respective git repositories are cloned (packit-service#2166)
  • We have fixed a bug causing issues with displaying some Project views on our dashboard. (packit-service#2165)

· One min read

Week 34 (August 22nd – August 28th)

  • We have fixed a bug in packit source-git init caused by the changed behaviour in the newer version of rpmbuild. (packit#2048)
  • We have fixed an issue in our API endpoint that could cause DoS until manual intervention from our team. (packit-service#2164)
  • We have fixed a bug causing broken retriggering of Github checks. (packit-service#2161)
  • SRPM build commit statuses, for monorepos projects, are now being correctly updated. (packit-service#2157)
  • We have fixed the bug resulting in incorrect reporting for tests when retriggering a build of a different target that was not configured for tests. (packit-service#2144)
  • We have fixed an issue that caused retriggers of Testing Farm to fail, if you specified any labels in the comment and had one or more test job definitions without any labels specified. (packit-service#2156)
  • Macro definitions and tags gained a new valid attribute. A macro definition/tag is considered valid if it doesn't appear in a false branch of any condition appearing in the spec file. (specfile#276)

· One min read

Week 32 (August 8th – August 14th)

  • Two new configuration options for filtering when getting latest upstream release tag were introduced: upstream_tag_include and upstream_tag_exclude. They should contain a Python regex that can be used as an argument in re.match. (packit#2030, packit-service#2138)
  • Retriggering of pull-from-upstream via a comment will now use the correct configuration file from the default dist-git branch. (packit-service#2140)
  • The pull-from-upstream job can now be used with upstream repos that are not hosted on a supported git forge. (packit-service#2137)