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Week 36 in Packit

· One min read

Week 36 (September 5th – September 11th)

  • Packit now supports commit-message action that can be used to override the default commit message produced by Packit during propose-downstream or pull-from-upstream. Please pay attention to our documentation with regards to the usage of this action. (packit#2070)
  • Packit CLI now supports testing the pull-from-upstream workflow. Use the packit pull-from-upstream command from the packit RPM package. (packit#2063)
  • Packit now passes initiator context for tmt to the Testing Farm. You can use this option to run or skip certain tests when they're run by Packit. (packit-service#2176)
  • Testing Farm started additionally exposing regexes on top of the exact compose names in the /composes/ endpoints, and we now support this as well when checking the validity of compose. (packit-service#2168)
  • We have disabled the jitter for retrying Bodhi update tasks to prevent race conditions causing not created updates. (packit-service#2170)
  • We have fixed a bug in get_fork method for Pagure about checking the usernames for a match when going through existing forks. (ogr#800)