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Week 46 in Packit

· One min read

Week 46 (November 14th – November 20th)

  • Packit now supports pre-release version in propose_downstream and pull_from_upstream. A spec file update might be required, see the documentation for more details. (packit#2149)
    • In relation to that, specfile library has a new method, Specfile.update_version(), that allows updating spec file version even if it is a pre-release. (specfile#317)
  • Packit can now check, using the new update_version_mask configuration option, that the proposed version of new release and the current version of the dist-git branch are compatible and sync the dist-git branch only in that case. (packit#2156)
  • Packit is now able to get the version from spec file even if the Version tag is not present in the specfile directly, but e.g. imported from another file. (packit#2157)
  • PACKIT_COPR_PROJECT env var that is exposed to Testing Farm now includes the Copr project of the additional build specified in comment, if present. (packit-service#2253)