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Week 4 in Packit

· One min read

Week 4 (January 23rd – January 29th)

  • pull-from-upstream and propose-downstream commands now have the --sync-acls option that enables syncing the ACLs between dits-git repo and fork. The default behaviour was, however, changed to not sync the ACLs. (packit#2214)
  • Packit now properly handles exceptions when syncing ACLs during release syncing. (packit#2213)
  • allowed_pr_authors and allowed_committers now allow specifying groups and also aliases all_admins and all_committers (corresponding to the access to the repository). (packit-service#2320)
  • ogr now supports 2 new methods for Pagure: one for getting users with specified access rights and one for getting members of a group. (ogr#834)