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Week 3 in Packit

· One min read

Week 3 (January 16th – January 22nd)

  • Packit now properly handles exceptions when syncing ACLs during release syncing. (packit#2213)
  • We have fixed a bug in handling chroot-specific configuration once the chroots themselves are updated. (packit#2194)
  • We have increased the number of retries of Fedora release syncing for situations where the tarball is uploaded some time after the release happens. (packit-service#2307)
  • There is a new API endpoint /bodhi-updates for getting information about Bodhi updates submitted by Packit. (packit-service#2310)
  • For /packit test command, you can now also use -i and --id aliases for --identifier option. (packit-service#2309)