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Continuous Deployment

Automatic redeployment


Newer images in registry are automatically imported and re-deployed.


We use ImageStreams as intermediary between an image registry ( and a Deployment/StatefulSet. It has several significant benefits:

  • We can automatically trigger Deployment when a new image is pushed to the registry.
  • We can roll back/revert/undo the Deployment.

Image registry1ImageStreamDeployment/StatefulSet

Manual production re-deployment

  1. Trigger :prod images builds

  2. Import images -> re-deploy

Manually import a newer image


DEPLOYMENT=prod make import-images


If you need to import (and deploy) newer image(s) before the CronJob does (see above), you can do that manually:

$ oc get is
$ oc import-image is/$NAME:prod

once a new image is pushed/built in registry. ($NAME is name of an image stream from oc get is)

There's also import-images target in the Makefile, so DEPLOYMENT=prod make import-images does this for you for all images (image streams).

To see the history of imported images in an image stream:

$ oc describe is/$NAME:prod

Reverting to older deployment/revision/image

Deployments can be reverted with oc rollout undo, example:

$ oc rollout undo deploy/packit-service [--to-revision=X]

where X is revision number. See also oc rollout history deploy/packit-service [--revision=X].

It's more tricky in case of StatefulSet which we use for workers. oc rollout undo does not work with StatefulSet for us (the newest image is always used, reason unknown). So when you happen to deploy a broken worker, and you want to revert/undo it because you don't know what's the cause/fix yet, you have to:

  1. Select older image (hash)

    $ oc describe is/packit-worker
  2. Tag the older image

    $ oc tag --source=docker‹older-hash› \

    And see the packit-worker-x pods being re-deployed from the older image.

  3. Once you've built a fixed image, run

    $ oc tag‹deployment› \

  1. This is automatic (it can even take some time) on stg, but not on prod. On prod, where we don't want the images to be imported as soon as they're built, we run a CronJob to import them (and hence re-deploy) at the day & time (currently at 2AM on Tuesday) we want.