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Week 6 in Packit

· One min read

Week 6 (February 6th – February 12th)

  • Packit now searches for bugzilla about new release created by Upstream Release Monitoring to reference each time it syncs the release downstream. (packit#2229)
  • We have introduced new CLI command packit dist-git init that initializes Packit configuration for release automation in dist-git repository. (packit#2225)
  • We have introduced new configuration options require.label.present and require.label.absent. By configuring these you can specify labels that need to be present or absent on a pull request for Packit to react on such PR. (packit-service#2333)
  • Interface for labels was unified and labels property for PullRequest and Issue now return list of PRLabel and IssueLabel respectively. (ogr#839)