September 2022

September 2022

September 5, 2022

Week 35 (August 30th – September 5th) #

  • SRPMs for Copr builds are built in Copr by default for Packit GitHub app installations since September 6, 2022. For older installations, you can set the srpm_build_deps config option to use Copr as a builder. Let us know if you hit any issue with the new implementation. We are going to slowly decommission the old implementation and are happy to help with the transition. (packit-service#1636)
  • More indexes added to the database have further improved API/dashboard response times. (packit-service#1639)
  • When submitting Testing Farm tests, Packit will now retry multiple times in case there is a failure. (packit-service#1605)
  • We have implemented checking the available composes before submitting the tests for both internal and public Testing Farm. (packit-service#1628)

Week 36 (September 6th – September 12th) #

  • When querying Bodhi for information about Fedora/EPEL releases to resolve aliases, packit now correctly handles pagination of API results. This resolves an issue that caused Fedora 37 not to be pointed to from any alias. (packit#1704)

Week 37 (September 13th – September 19th) #

  • Added support for filenames specified in source URL fragments, for example:{name}-%{version}.tar.gz (specfile#100)
  • Some more underlying improvements to our libraries and deployment.

Week 38 (September 20th – September 26th) #

  • Propose downstream job now pushes changes even when it’s not creating a new pull request. This allows updating existing pull requests. (packit#1725)
  • Packit now deduces Copr targets for Copr builds when you have set your custom Copr project to be used. (packit-service#1673)
  • Retriggering tasks via re-run button in Github commit checks when there are configured identifiers for jobs should now work correctly. (packit-service#1671)
  • Packit now reports a pending state rather than an error on Testing Farm runs in case the related copr build has not finished yet. (packit-service#1669)
  • Users can now allow building in a custom Copr project from a git-forge project. User has to add manually the git-forge project reference to the Copr project settings. As an example, we should add to the list named Packit forge project allowed in our packit-dev Copr project settings: (packit-service#1638)