October 2022

October 2022

October 10, 2022

Week 40 (October 4th – October 10th) #

  • Packit now correctly selects a Testing Farm compose when it’s specified correctly in the configuration without an architecture suffix. (packit-service#1689)
  • We have fixed an issue that prevented Packit to work correctly on merge requests on GitLab instances. (packit-service#1683)
  • Packit Service will now replace invalid characters for the Copr projects using the default naming scheme. (packit-service#1684)
  • When we report to set Packit allowed forge projects in the Copr projects, the link for the group projects is now correct. (packit-service#1680)
  • It is now possible to filter changelog entries by specifying lower bound EVR, upper bound EVR or both. (specfile#104)

Week 41 (October 11th – October 17th) #

  • Packit now correctly authenticates with Bodhi 6 and therefore creates Bodhi updates. 🚀 (packit#1746, packit-service#1704)
  • There are two changes in the naming of the service jobs: The build job type name has been deprecated. It aimed to be an alias when Packit supported just one build type. There are currently more types of builds and just build can be misleading. Please, be explicit and use copr_build instead. The production_build name for upstream Koji build is misleading because it is not used to run production/non-scratch builds and because it can be confused with the koji_build job that is triggered for dist-git commits. (The koji_build job can trigger both scratch and non-scratch/production builds.) To be explicit, use upstream_koji_build for builds triggered in upstream and koji_build for builds triggered in downstream. Users will get a neutral status describing the change when the old names are in use. The status will become a warning starting in November and the old names will be removed by the end of the year. (packit-service#1656)
  • We’ve fixed the Markdown table format in the GitHub checks page, which was broken when the user’s repo was not allowed to use Packit. (packit-service#1688)

Week 42 (October 17th – October 23rd) #

  • Packit now won’t repeatedly comment in pull requests about the need to migrate configuration of allowed forge projects to Copr. (packit-service#1716)

Week 43 (October 25th – October 31th) #

  • Fixed an issue with version and release in a spec file being updated even if --no-bump flag was specified. Also fixed an issue when None appeared in release instead of a number. (packit#1753)
  • We have improved the handling of test jobs which should fix related issues with reporting and triggering that occurred when multiple test jobs were configured. (packit-service#1717)