November 2022

November 2022

November 7, 2022

Week 44 (November 1st – November 7th) #

  • Fixed an issue due to which the repository was never searched for a specfile if specfile_path was not specified, and specfile_path was always set to <repo_name>.spec. (packit#1758)
  • Packit is now able to generate automatic Bodhi update notes including a changelog diff since the latest stable build of a package. (packit#1747)
  • Description of Bodhi updates now contains a changelog diff. (packit-service#1713)

Week 45 (November 8th – November 14th) #

  • You can re-trigger a Bodhi update via dist-git PR comment /packit create-update. (packit-service#1729)
  • Packit now correctly finds an SRPM when rpmbuild reports warnings while it parses a spec file. (packit#1772)
  • When packit.yaml is present in the repo but is empty, Packit now produces a better error message instead of an internal Python exception. (packit#1769)
  • Retriggering of tests when there is a build job and a test job with an identifier configured was fixed. (packit-service#1731)
  • Packit GitHub app will not modify a package version when release_suffix configuration option is empty. (packit-service#1738)
  • Our specfile parser now supports localized tags (e.g. Summary(fr)) and tags with qualifiers (e.g. Requires(post)). (specfile#132)
  • SRPM build logs are now deleted after 30 days instead of 90 days. This doesn’t apply to SRPM builds done in Copr, which deletes the logs after 14 days. (packit/packit-service#1745)

Week 46 (November 15th – November 21st) #

  • srpm_build_deps can be now configured also on the job configuration level. (packit-service#1757)

Week 47 (November 22nd – November 28th) #

  • We have changed the limit for our SLO1: it was increased from 15s to 30s to account for setting all statuses. (packit-service#1776)
  • The job names deprecated in October (build alias of copr_build and production_build replaced by upstream_koji_build) newly lead to an error state (was neutral ) of the deprecated status created by Packit. The old names will be removed by the end of the year. (packit-service#1777)
  • The Copr build logs URL now points to logs that are available even while building. (packit-service#1767)
  • Fixed an issue that caused empty lines originally inside changelog entries to appear at the end. (specfile#140)