July 2022

July 2022

July 11, 2022

Weeks 26–27 (June 27th–July 11th) #

  • We adjusted the way we check the author of the PR for PRs related to dist-git commits that trigger Koji build jobs. This should fix the race condition causing not creating Koji builds in some cases. (packit-service#1573)
  • Results from Testing Farm are now correctly reported when multiple jobs with different identifier are defined. (packit-service#1565)
  • On a Bodhi authentication error, Packit will retry the task multiple times in ten-minute intervals to be able to fix the issue in the meantime. (packit-service#1564)

Week 28 (July 12th–July 18th) #

  • Packit now guides everyone better when a FAS account is private and updates the internal information about installations correctly when the app is reinstalled. (packit-service#1575)
  • Packit can now correctly create Bodhi updates using the new Bodhi 6 client. (packit#1651)
  • RPM build commands of Packit CLI have been merged into one build subcommand, for more information see the updated documentation. We have also introduced a new –srpm option to the new build subcommand that can be used to trigger local, Copr or Koji build from an already built SRPM rather than the one implicitly created by Packit. (packit#1611)

Week 29 (July 19th–July 25th) #

  • Packit now correctly supports tmt_plan and tf_post_install_script in the configuration. (packit#1659)
  • We have reverted to Bodhi 5 client since Packit couldn’t create bodhi updates with the new version 6 client: fedora-infra/bodhi#4660 (packit-service#1590). Packit also provides a more helpful error message when it hits this. (packit#1660)
  • During creating Copr builds, on Copr errors, Packit will retry the task multiple times in case there is a Copr outage. (packit-service#1579)