Packit January 2023

Packit January 2023

January 2, 2023

Week 0 🌄 (December 20th 2022 – January 2nd 2023) #

  • ogr now raises GitForgeInternalError rather than PagureAPIException when getting 50x response from the Pagure API. This should increase usability as those tasks will be retried. (ogr#762)
  • Packit now puts the correct release number into the changelog when the Release tag is reset during propose-downstream. (packit#1816))

Week 1 (January 3rd – January 9th) #

  • SRPMs for projects that installed the GitHub App before September 6th and don’t have srpm_build_deps defined are now built in Copr as well. (packit-service#1822)
  • We have fixed a bug in dashboard that linked null as a Copr build for Testing Farm runs that do not require any Copr build. (dashboard#200)
  • All classes including Specfile itself can now be copied using the standard copy() and deepcopy() functions from copy module. (specfile#176)

Week 2 (January 10th – January 16th) #

Week 3 + 4 (January 17th – January 30th) #

  • Users can now re-trigger bodhi_update and koji_build jobs by /packit create-update and /packit koji-update comments in an issue opened by Packit in the configured issue_repository if anything went wrong during these jobs. (packit-service#1796)
  • All Copr projects created by Packit now default to enable_net=False: our documentation stated this, but it wasn’t the case. This is now corrected. (packit#1825)
  • You can now specify update_release: false in the configuration to tell Packit not to change the Version and Release in the spec file. It works the same as --no-update-release (renamed from now deprecated --no-bump) in the CLI. (packit#1827)
  • Packit now supports setting module_hotfixes for Copr projects. (packit#1829)
  • Packit now also allows passing in free-form parameters to Testing Farm in order to support all of its options immediately once they are added. The parameters can be passed through the tf_extra_params config option. The free-form dictionary must follow the structure of Testing Farm POST requests. See our documentation and examples for more information. (packit-service#1853)
  • Fixed a bug in section parsing that caused sections to be ignored when there were macro definitions spread across the spec file and not cumulated at the top. (specfile#191)
  • Also fixed the infinite loop that occurred when section options were followed by whitespace. (specfile#197)