February 2022

February 2022

February 8, 2022

Week 5 (January 31th - February 7th) #

  • A new option --no-require-autosetup for source-git init command has been introduced. Please note that source-git repositories not using %autosetup may not be properly initialized. (packit#1470)
  • Packit-service now supports re-triggering against failed task using comment on pull request /packit rebuild-failed and similarly for testing farm: /packit retest-failed. (packit-service#1303)

Week 6 (February 8th - February 14th) #

  • Packit now correctly handles colons in git trailer values in source-git commits. (packit#1478)

Week 7 (February 14th❤️ - February 18th) #

  • Synchronization of default files can now be disabled using a new config files_to_sync. Key sync_files is now deprecated. (packit#1483) (packit.dev#390)
  • python3-setuptools_scm is now available by default in the sandbox.

Week 8 (February 18th - February 28th) #

  • Packit now allows specifying more test distros for one build target to test on in Testing Farm in the configuration. The checks for the test job will also contain the name of the actual test distro (and not the build target as previously).
  • A new option, srpm_build_deps, in the packit configuration file
    can be used. Which is a list of RPM dependencies that are needed for the actions to be run when building SRPM and is an indicator to build the SRPMs in Copr.