August 2022

August 2022

August 1, 2022

Week 30 (July 26th–August 1st) #

  • Packit has switched to python-specfile library for handling spec files. This may cause some issues to pop up. (packit#1588)
  • Packit CLI can now build RPMs in mock. For more information see (packit#1662)
  • When using Packit before being allowed, Packit newly links an approval issue where the self-approval can be performed. (packit-service#1596)
  • A downstream koji-build can now be re-triggered by adding a comment containing /packit koji-build into a dist-git pull request with target branch corresponding to the branch the build should be acted upon. (packit-service#1586)

Week 31 (August 2nd – August 8th) #

  • Action fix_spec_file can change a spec file - Packit now preserves that change. (packit#1679)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: fixed an issue where the repo was searched for the specfile before checking if downstream_package_name is set, and <downstream_package_name>.spec can be used as the specfile_path. (packit#1663)

Week 32 (August 9th – August 15th) #

  • We have fixed an issue when propose downstream didn’t retry to download sources that were not yet available at the time of the first attempt. (packit-service#1609)
  • When creating Copr builds, Packit will now retry multiple times in case there is a GitHub outage or an internal error. (packit-service#1589)

Week 33 (August 16th – August 22nd) #

  • Packit CLI can now submit VM images in Red Hat Image Builder. All build-related commands have now consistent --wait / --no-wait options. (packit#1666)
  • Packit prepare-sources command now has a --create-symlinks / --no-create-symlinks option, which enables copying the archive instead of symlinking. This will be used in the Copr environment, where symlinking the archive previously caused issues. (packit#1682)
  • We have fixed the handling of the situation when Packit lacks permission to update a Copr project. (packit#1684)
  • Dashboard should now load data for jobs faster because the database querying has been improved and also queries are done only when needed. (packit-service#1617, dashboard#189)

Week 34 (August 23rd – August 29th) #

  • packit propose-downstream is now more informative when sources cannot be downloaded. (packit#1698)
  • No more annoying issues will be created after a successful propose downstream. (packit#1693)
  • We have fixed an issue with reporting results when multiple Testing Farm jobs with identifiers are configured. (packit-service#1634)