September 2021

September 2021

September 6, 2021

Week 35 (August 30th - September 3rd) #

  • A bug in Packit that caused purging or syncing upstream changelog (when not configured) from specfile when running propose-downstream was fixed. New behavior preserves downstream changelog and in case there are either no entries or no %changelog section present, it is created with a new entry. (packit#1349)

Week 36 (September 6th - September 10th) #

  • packit source-git init was updated to try to apply patches with git am first, and use patch only when this fails, in order to keep the commit message of Git-formatted (mbox) patch files in the source-git history. (packit#1358)

Week 37 (September 13th - September 17th) #

  • Now you can find URL pointing directly to testing farm results on GitHub Checks page. (packit-service#1215)
  • Ogr now supports reacting to the comment with a given reaction, getting them in list and deleting them (only when reaction is added by using ogr API). (ogr#636)
  • Packit now provides PACKIT_RPMSPEC_RELEASE environment variable in actions. (packit#1363)
  • Dashboard no longer shrinks Copr/Koji icons when being open in narrow view. (dashboard#140)

Week 38 (September 20th - September 24th) #

  • Dashboard now shows more readable format of time, e.g. “just now”, “a minute ago”, etc. If you wish to see exact date-time of the run, you can either hover over the time and tooltip with details appear. In case of result pages more readable format is present in the tooltip rather than by default. Also times are now shown in your local time zone. (dashboard#142)
  • Packit can now read commit messages from a patch to support characters which cannot be encoded with UTF-8. (packit#1372)
  • EPEL targets are now being mapped to CentOS Linux inside the internal Testing Farm runs. (packit-service#1225)