September 2020

September 2020

September 4, 2020

Week 36 (August 31th - September 4th) #

Week 37 (September 7th - September 11th) #

  • Stage now uses Tokman to get access tokens for GitHub, which should resolve race condition when running parallel jobs (Tokman by Hunor, ogr integration by Matej).
  • Franta has addressed problems with Testing-Farm cluster with custom response on PRs that links to more information (pinned info, packit-service#798).

Week 38 (September 14th - September 18th) #

Week 39 (September 21st - September 25th) #

  • Packit-service can be configured to work with private namespaces. This is plumbing work which we need right now for CentOS Stream. We are not planning to enable this for GitHub - packit-service will still work only for public repositories, private ones are ignored. packit-service#831
  • If git tag contains more information than just version (e.g. pkg_name-v1.2.3), it is possible to use upstream_tag_template to extract version from the tag, which will be used in a subsequent task. doc packit#959
  • Added support for globbing pattern in upstream_ref. doc packit#960
  • Packit --remote is global option now and available for all commands. Because of this sync-from-downstream --remote was renamed to --remote-to-push. Remote can now be specified in the user’s config (via upstream_git_remote parameter). packit#977

Following bugs were fixed:

  • Packit dropping leading zeros in version. packit#814
  • Packit CLI issue caused by picking incorrect copr project name. packit#971

Week 40 (September 28th - October 2nd) #

  • Packit-service is now explicitly checking if requested copr-build targets exist and if not, the user is informed about it. packit-service#835
  • We have improved the way how packit updates %setup line in a spec file - you are now able to set content of -n option via archive_root_dir_template config option, it defaults to {upstream-pkg-name}. doc packit#834
  • Packit is able to generate a patch file with format-patch without leading a/ and b/ in the patch diff. Required for patches in dist-git which are applied with -p0.
  • Contribution guidelines were updated, now we have one shared link.