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February 2020

February 7, 2020

Week 6 # Both Packit and Packit Service pre-commit hooks were updated to include prettier and setup-cfg-fmt, in order to have a more consistent formatting of markup, YAML, JSON and setup.cfg files. It became easier for developers to build the Packit base image locally, and tests in Zuul were configured to run on Fedora 31. Packit learned how to look for RPM spec files on its own, so specifying specfile_path in the configuration is not mandatory anymore. ...

January 2020

January 27, 2020

Week 1 # packit # Correctly updates version on srpm build. (#642) Downloads all URL sources before srpm build. (#643) packit service # Runs on Fedora 31. (#303, #304) Correctly checks list of whitelisted repositories when issue comment is added. (#309) Week 2 # packit # Incorporates lots of SRPM related improvements. (#646, #650, #651, #652, #653) Better handles when Copr owner is not set. ...


January 7, 2021

Initial version 0.1.0 of packit is out! (2019-03-08) # We would like to announce general availability of the initial version of packit, titled ‘0.1.0’. Since this is our first release, we would like to ask you to be patient if you encounter any issues. We work hard on packit’s usability. If you feel like that packit is doing something weird or if anything is unclear, don’t hesitate and reach out to us by creating a new Github issue. ...