Packit 0.4.0 & 0.4.1

It’s been over a month since we released packit “0.3.0”. Here comes packit 0.4.0 (and patch release 0.4.1) and as always they bring a lot of new features and improvements.

You can find a complete list in the changelog.

Packit as a service

  • We have Packit as a service running in OpenShift and also a GitHub App, which uses it. Unfortunately it’s still not in the Marketplace, so we have been the only one using it so far. The service/app submits builds in copr and once they’re done it adds a GitHub status and comment with instructions how to install the builds. The service is now configurable via jobs defined in configuration file.
  • Packit is now able to check GPG signatures of the upstream commits against configured fingerprints.


  • srpm command now works also with Source-git.
  • status command now access remote APIs asynchronously in parallel, which should speed up the execution.
  • CLI has new --dry-run option to not perform any remote changes (pull requests or comments).
  • Fedmsg parsing has been unified into a single listen-to-fedmsg command.