Packit 0.3.0

In the previous post we promised to provide a new release every 2 weeks and we are already breaking this promise as it’s been 3 weeks since then. We decided to wait with the release to merge several pull requests related to source-git support.

Now the good news. You can find a complete list of new features and improvements of version 0.3.0 in the changelog.


  • You can now specify your own hooks or actions to replace default packit behaviour. (More information can be found in the documentation).
  • Packit supports upstream projects.
  • Commands propose-update and sync-from-downstream supports copying directories.
  • A new command status! It displays useful upstream/downstream info.
  • Packit now supports Source-git. The functionality is not available, yet - we will add a CLI interface for it in the next release.
  • You can now have a config file for packit in your home directory(~/.config/packit.yaml).
  • Packit installed from an RPM now has manpages.

packit status example

$ packit status
Cloning repo: -> /tmp/tmp84we_6n8
Downstream PRs: No open PRs.
f29: 0.2.0
f30: 0.2.0
master: 0.2.0