October 2021

October 2021

October 4, 2021

Week 39 (September 27th - October 1st) #

  • Clicking on logo on dashboard no longer opens a new page, but rather reloads the current one.
  • We consider Pipelines view on dashboard to be ready for production use. We’re planning to improve the user experience when using pipelines with easier navigation and filtering options.
  • Building the latest development versions of packit and ogr was moved to the packit/packit-dev Copr repo.

Week 40 (October 4th - October 8th) #

  • A bug in Packit causing issues with local build when the branch was named with prefix rpm has been fixed.
  • To fulfill requests regarding updating targets on Copr repositories, Packit Service will sync targets for the projects created by Packit Service (e.g. pull requests, or non-set Copr repository for releases and branch builds) and for Copr repositories not owned by Packit will try to extend the list if necessary.
  • If you trigger packit jobs with one of /packit _ commands, our bot gives you a 👍 reaction to let you know that we are working on it.
  • Rerunning of failed tasks via Github Checks interface is now supported. You are now free to click those “Re-run” links.
  • ogr documentation is converted to Google-style docstrings. In case there are any discrepancies, missing docs or docstrings in different format, please open an issue.

Week 41 (October 11th - October 15th) #

  • We have added a new option to Packit CLI when creating Bodhi updates, you can use -b or --resolve- bugzillas and specify IDs (separated by comma, e.g. -b 1 or -b 1,2,3) of bugzillas that are being closed by the update. (packit#1383)
  • Packit will deduce the version for SRPM from the spec file, if there are no git tags or action for acquiring current version defined. (packit#1388)
  • It is possible to use aarch64 architecture in the Testing Farm. (packit-service#1247)
  • Running tests via Testing Farm now supports centos-6 target. (packit-service#1244)

Week 42 (October 18th - October 22th) #

  • We have introduced new options for generating SRPM packages: (packit#1396)
    • --no-bump that prevents changing of the release in the SRPM, which can be used for creating SRPMs on checked out tags/releases.
    • --release-suffix that allows you to customize the suffix after the release number, e.g. reference bugzilla or specific branch of the build.
  • Copr build installation instructions now contain detailed info about the built packages, so you can install the precise build from your pull request. (dashboard#149)

Week 43 (October 25th - November 1st) #

  • We have introduced a new configuration option merge_pr_in_ci that allows you to disable merging of PR into the base branch before creating SRPM in service. (packit#1395, packit-service#1261)
  • If the upstream spec file is located in a subdirectory (such as packaging/fedora/pkg.spec), it is now correctly synced to the root of the downstream repository, since that’s where rpmbuild will look for it. (packit#1402)
  • The “Congratulations!” comment no longer has a disclaimer about our intentions to stop posting it by default. We have already made that move earlier this year, so the disclaimer is no longer relevant. (packit-service#1260)
  • Deprecated configuration options current_version_command and create_tarball_command have been removed and are no longer supported. They are superseded by actions get-current-version and create-archive. (packit#1397)